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Prices and Part Numbers

We are very happy that you like SafeKuvert! We hope SafeKuvert will always help you at your work.

Quantity Price per unit Part # (ShareIt! product ID)
1 $29.00 US 300141742 buy
2 $19.00 US 300141743 buy
3..8 $17.00 US 300141745 buy
10..64 $14.00 US 300141746 buy
100..332 $9.00 US 300141747 buy
Unlimited $2900.00 US 300141748 buy

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SafeKuvert is licensing on per computer basis, not per network, per site or per company (except unlimited license which is strongly for one company).

Ordering and Payment Methods

We accept five types of payment: Online, Fax, Phone, Wire Transfer and Mail. Secure Payments assured. All payment must be in US dollars, Euros or in Pounds Sterling.

SafeKuvert is available for immediate download. Once you have purchased the product by filling in the online order form, a license will be sent to you via email to unlock the software for use. You may download the trial software before or after you complete the purchase process.

If you do not receive your product license within a reasonable amount of time (usually two business days for credit card payments or two weeks for other payments), please notify us! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by such delays.

Order through the World Wide Web

This is the fastest and easiest way to order SafeKuvert. Your credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor in a highly secure manner (Secure connection). We protect you by ensuring that nobody but you and the automated credit card processor will see your credit card information. You can go directly to the order page using links above.

Fax or Phone Orders

If you do not want to submit your order and credit card information online, you can fax your order or call ShareIt at any of the following locations:

share-it! - a service of digital river (GERMANY)
Phone: +49 (221) 31088-20
Fax: +49 (221) 31088-29

Credit cards
ShareIt! Inc. (USA)
Phone: +1 (952) 646-5747 (for calls from outside the U.S.)
          +1 (800) 903-4152 (for calls within the U.S.)
Fax: +1 (952) 646-4552

It is recommended that you wrote down product ID if you wish to make your purchase by fax or by phone.

Check and Cash Orders

If you're located in the U.S., you can send your check or money order to ShareIt! Inc. USA office:

ShareIt! Inc.
9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Please make U.S. checks payable to "ShareIt! Inc." (U.S. customers: Please do not send cash. It is illegal to mail cash in the United States.)

Non-U.S. Customers: if you prefer to pay with cash or by check, please send payment to:

share-it! - a service of digital river
Digital River GmbH
Vogelsanger Strasse 78
D-50823 Cologne

Please make checks payable to "share-it! - Digital River GmbH" (Note: please do not send eurocheques in US$. We can only accept eurocheques in Euro.)

Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer)

You can also use the wire transfer (to our bank account); contact VyPRESS Research, LLC ( for more details.

Invoices / Purchase orders

Companies with purchasing departments that do not use credit cards usually use Purchase Orders. We accept orders on account only from established companies that have faxed us signed Purchase Orders on their company letterhead. We have given the customer a payment deadline of 30 days from purchase (Terms: Net30). Please notify us via e-mail after you sent (or faxed) the Purchase Order.

Please use company letterhead to submit the purchase order. Include your company's mailing address as well as billing address. Purchase orders need to be signed by a purchasing agent of your company. Please give name for the point of contact. Include all pertinent telephone numbers, both voice and fax. Most Importantly please include the email address of the person you would like to have the license information emailed to. Please include the Product ID number as well as the cost of the program. The vendor needs to be made out to ShareIt! and not VyPRESS Research, LLC. ShareIt! addresses are here. You can call to ShareIt if you have any purchase-related questions (see phone numbers above).

To send Purchase Order use following:

FAX: In Europe: +49 (221) 31088-29
In USA: +1 (952) 646-4552
Snail Mail: In Europe: share-it! - a service of digital river
Digital River GmbH

Vogelsanger Strasse 78
D-50823 Cologne

Phone: +49 (221) 31088-20

Digital River UK Ltd
85 Kings Street

In USA: ShareIt! Inc.
9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Phone: +1 (952) 646-5747 (for calls from outside the U.S.)
or +1 (800) 903-4152 (for calls within the U.S.)

Education Discounts


Eligible Academic and Educational Institutions and the Students, Faculty and Staff of accredited Colleges, Universities and other institutions are able to purchase VyPRESS software at up to 50% discounted pricing. For more information on eligibility, click here. If you wish to purchase Academic versions of VyPRESS software, you should e-mail for pricing and purchase arrangements.

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