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About SafeKuvert

SafeKuvert is a file encryption software that ensures the confidentiality of your data and provides you with the ability to identify the owner of the data. SafeKuvert is a Windows application that enables you to encode (encrypt and digitally sign) data from any file into a standard PKCS#7 message, and save the result to a file with a ".pkcs7" extension. The encrypted files can be decrypted only on the computer where the private key of a certificate of encryption was saved, but a private key of a recipient's certificate is not required in order to create an encoded file. The digital signatures can be verified on any computer where SafeKuvert is installed. The files can also be compressed before encoding is applied. Algorithms of asymmetrical encryption (RSA) ensure that data cannot be accessed even if the hardware in which an encoded file was stored is lost, or if the file is transferred through public, unsecured computer networks. The application actively uses the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which is built into Windows, as well as the standard X-509 certificates and the Windows Shell extensions, which makes using the program very easy and convenient.

Some of the application features

How the application is used

You can download our 31-day trial version for free and find out for yourself how encrypted files are easy to use, convenient and secure!

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