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Founded in 1997, VyPRESS Research is a leading provider of instant messaging solutions for LANs/WANs and customized instant messaging systems for business. The Company's products are currently licensed in more than 60 countries. VyPRESS's clientele includes large corporations, government education entities and individual users worldwide.

Each member of VyPRESS's programming staff is an expert in communications, networking and text retrieval. Their expertise is focused on developing custom solutions for electronic mail management, custom editors and browsers for html text management, TCP/IP applications for LANs and intranets, tools for wide area and local area network management and http server development.

At VyPRESS Research, simplicity and elegance are greatly appreciated, practiced, and achieved. Buy our products, use our services, and you will come to appreciate that too. Come to VyPRESS, and we will help you.

Registered Office

VyPRESS Research, LLC
16192 Coastal Hwy,
Lewes, DE 19958,
Fax: +1 (508) 526-5876
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