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What's included into Vypress Messenger unlimited license

  • The Vypress Messenger unlimited license allows your organization to duplicate the downloaded software the way it is necessary for the use within a single organization (one artificial person) on the unlimited number of computers.
  • You will receive a special Vypress Messenger build containing no license-checking module. It will be even smaller, faster, and more network-friendly than the standard build.
  • The same options for the Vypress Auvis (the unlimited Vypress Messenger license includes the unlimited Vypress Auvis license).
  • There are free minor and major upgrades both for the Vypress Messenger and the Vypress Auvis as long as you need it.
  • There is one minor customization (menu item disabling, the Preferences dialog tab removing, etc.) which is free.
  • There is a prioritized and free unlimited technical support via e-mail with maximum two working days time period for solving the problem.
  • There is a quick access to the upcoming Vypress Messenger releases, as well as to the beta builds.
  • There is the world best fault-tolerance instant messaging system for the enterprise networks!
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