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VyPRESS References and achievements

These are awards and certificates we have received from many sources, including Web sites, magazines, competitions, various product reviews, and so forth. This page is a proud testament to our success.


Vypress Messenger Tested and Approved by Novell!

Novell Yes Tested and Approved!

Vypress Messenger for Java™ was successfully tested in the Novell DeveloperNet Labs for compatibility and quality, and received the Novell Yes, Tested & Approved™ logo!

Vypress Messenger for Java certified by Sun as “100% Pure Java”!

Certified as 100% Pure Java

Vypress Messenger for Java™ is now certified by Telefication (Sun’s partner) as a “100% Pure Java” program. This means that Vypress Messenger for Java is guaranteed to run on any of Sun’s certified Java Virtual Machines. The certificate is here.


Vypress Messenger is the “Title of the Month” (February 2002) at Networkingfiles.com

Vypress Messenger is the Title of The Month

Darryl Kowalik from Networkingfiles.com ("The source for top network software") wrote:
Congratulations!!! We have selected your program Vypress Messenger as our Communications Title of the Month for February 2002 at Networkingfiles.com. Your title will be the first title in the Communications directory throughout the month. Your awarded title will also receive a premier listing with a large portion of the page shown being your award. We have reviewed, tested and fully researched your program and have wrote a review which can be found at your award url.

Vypress Messenger 3.0 gets 5 cows at TUCOWS

5 cows

After we released Vypress Messenger version 3.0, TUCOWS reviewers took a second look at our communications tool and increased its rating up to 5 cows! TUCOWS’ reviewer Brad Smith appends a special note in his e-mail:
I had the pleasure of re-reviewing Vypress Messenger 3.0. I gave it five hearty Holsteins and a lengthy review.

Vypress Chat 1.5 is the Editor’s Pick at Skylark Utilities

Skylark Utilities

RJ Province from Skylark Utilities wrote:
Your program will now appear in our Editor’s Picks section along with a listing of your achievement in our SoftTimes newsletter. Congratulations on building such a fine utility and by all means — keep up the good work!

Vypress Messenger has been awarded a 4 star rating at A1 Yippee Shareware

Rated 4 on Yippee


“¡Muy Bueno!” () award for Vypress Messenger and Vypress Auvis

SoftList.net says BEST for Vypress Messenger

SoftList BEST!

SoftList Awards Guide quote:
Some programs listed in SoftList got one of the following awards:
“Best” Award. This is the most prestigious award. It can be given to the software with the most powerful features. Programs with the “Best” logo can be called “must-have”.

FileDudes.com: 5 dudes and Dude Approved award for Vypress Chat 1.0!

Dude Approved!

Dude Approved Programs are Programs that we the Dudes approve of. <…> If a Program receives this most gnarly of awards, it is a program you should use.

Vypress Messenger also got five dudes rating at this site.

Vypress Messenger 2.8 has obtained the maximum qualification (5 stars) from Super Shareware

Rated 5 star at Super Shareware !!!

Super Shareware’s software reviewers team wrote:
We are pleased to notify you that your application Vypress Messenger have been evaluated by our technical department, obtaining the highest possible mark: 5 stars.
As a recognition to the high quality of Vypress Messenger and the great work carried out in their development, you have been granted our greatest prize.

Vypress Messenger selected as the Internet File of the Day on ZDNet on July 16, 1999!

Hot file of the day

Vypress Messenger was featured on Hotfiles.com as the “Hot File of the Day” on July 16, 1999. Vypress Messenger already had a “5 Stars” rating at the ZDNet Software Library, but after version 2.8 was released it also received this most valued award from the Ziff-Davis Editors!

Vypress Messenger has 4 smiles in the Rocket Download Archive


From more than one hundred choices each day, Rocket Download’s review staff picks the top few programs to install, test, review and recommend to users for downloading.
Nick Smith, reviewer for Rocket Download, says:
It may be a better alternative to standard e-mail and mainstream IMs. Incoming and outgoing messages never reside on third party mail or Internet servers.

Vypress Messenger receives four smileys.

Vypress Messenger 2.8 beta 1 got a “Glowing 5 Stars” rating on 5Star-Shareware.com!

Rated at 5 stars

James Webb, Applications Coordinator & Webmaster of the 5 Star Internet Shareware Web site says:
We have reviewed and listed Vypress Messenger in our Chat-Irc section and have it featured on our home page today. Its a great program and I can’t understand why we hadn’t listed it before now. We have rated it a Glowing 5 Star program, our highest rating.

ZDNet have added another five to the Vypress Messenger 2.5.5. Five stars ***** rating!

ZDNet Editors' Pick and 5 Stars Rating

ZDNet gave its “ZDNet Editors’ Pick and 5 Stars Rating” award to Vypress Messenger 2.5.5. ZDNet’s reviewer said:It provides the basic “send” capability of many other programs but adds many other advanced features. Vypress Messenger is the only intranet instant messaging system in the ZDNet Software Library that has the 5 Stars rating. Read full review here…

Vypress Messenger got four “Muizeke’ at the Belgian site Up-to Byte

Up-to Byte is one of the most popular Belgian virtual software archives; their reviewer picked and reviewed Vypress Messenger. Our software was awarded 4 mice, which puts Vypress Messenger at the top of the Chat-Messenger category on this Belgian site.

Vypress Messenger picked by “Paul”

One of Pauls’s Picks

Who is Paul? Paul Mayer built his first personal computer during the United States bicentennial year, 1976. He created and ran the first HBBS Bulletin Board System with Freeware downloads and messaging on an H-8 Heathkit computer in the 1970’s under the CP/M operating system. He’s been a Shareware author since 1981 and is a past President of the Association of Shareware Professionals. Paul has been the Forum Manager of the Microsoft Network Online Shareware Forum since the early beta days of MSN in 1993. Paul was inducted into the Shareware Hall of Fame in June of 1997.
Paul selected Vypress Messenger and put it into his software library!

Vypress Messenger acheived the “Hot” rating on chabonk.com!

Awarded Hot Files

Israel Lebron, webmaster of chabonk.com: 32bit Windows Utilities, named Vypress Messenger as a “great product” and listed it on his site with the Hot rating!

Vypress Messenger 2.5 on MyFolder.net: Pick of the Week and 4.5 Rating!

4.5 rating

MyFolder.net is a Korean software Web site that specializes in comprehensive software reviews. Each week, editors of MyFolder.net select two software programs and assign them with the “Pick of the Week” award. Vypress Messenger received this distinction and a 4.5 rating from this site.

ListSOFT, Russia’s most popular software store, picked Vypress Messenger!

ListSoft Recommends ListSOFT Best

Dmitri, the reviewer of ListSoft, awarded Vypress Messenger with “ListSOFT Recommends” honors (one of most respected awards in Russia) and rated it a 10 (ListSoft’s highest possible rating).

File Transit, a popular software reviewing service, rated Vypress Chat 1.0.3 at five stars!

Rated 5 stars on File Transit

File Transit collects only the best software; Vypress Chat is the only application in their “Instant Messenger” category that has been given their highest rating.

Vypress Messenger for Java™ rated at 911 (out of a possible 1000) on JARS!

JARS rated top 25%

The award winning Vypress Messenger for Java 2.0 beta 3 was reviewed and rated at EartWeb’s JARS.COM Java Review Service, the world’s largest Java applets and applications reviewing service.

Vypress Messenger has a “5 ducks” rating on PC Net!

PC Net is a Chinese software selection, whose reviewers rated Vypress Messenger at their highest possible rating — five “ducks”!

VyPRESS Research’s site chosen as one of the "Five Star Selections" on the itmWEB Site

itmWEB 5 Star Selection!

The itmWEB site is a vast collection of tools and resources for Information Technology professionals. Russ Finery (staff of itmWEB) was kind enough to include a nice comment about our products:
Very useful Messenger tools — good luck with your business!

Vypress Messenger listed in “Simply the best”

Simply the best shareware

On “Simply the best,” they list only the best possible shareware, tested and approved by this site’s staff. Naturally, Vypress Messenger is listed!

Vypress Messenger 2.1.3 got Editor’s Pick from popular SoftWatcher.com

Hot Pick By: SoftWatcher

Vypress Messenger 2.04 got a Get It! on www.winfiles.com!

This award comes from one of the most popular shareware Web sites! In just under two months, we accomplished what many people vainly strive for over a much longer period of time.

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