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We have been known to have superior customer support that stands out from the rest. We have received many testimonies from our satisfied customers and partners, and we have posted some below. Word of mouth is our best advertisement!

  • I just wanted you to know that Vypress Chat works great. I have looked at a bunch of these things and had just about given up on finding a simple, easy to use internal chat system. Yours is wonderful.

    I am a developer myself and know that people always send the complaints, but rarely send the kudos.

    Your product is so easy to use it is almost unbelievable.

    Again, I love the product. Good job!

    John W. Colby, Colby Consulting
  • I set up the product on my client’s 15-user Novell NetWare network using the TCP/IP protocol and the users are very satisfied. Their options were limited because they are on Netware so we were pleased to find your product which is so versatile.

    The users like the simple interface and the unobtrusive way the program stays off the taskbar (it lives in the icon tray when not in use). They had been using the WinPopup product that is part of Windows.

    I would challenge anyone to find a more complete product for that price. The closest competitors charge 3 times that price per seat and do not have as many features as this product.

    Jan Fournier, Software Services, Inc.
  • I really found your direct messaging to be the best and easiest to use. We tried 10-15 different programs. What made yours standout was the simple commands and easy navigation. All the others offered to many other features for someone only concerned with fast and efficient direct messaging. GREAT JOB!

    Gregory Smith, Smith & Company, CPA’s
  • VyPRESS Research recognizes the real business value of the Java platform, particularly the next release of the JDK. We are delighted to see VyPRESS Research underscore its commitment to the Java platform in its intranet messaging products, and to the advancement of Java technology in the enterprise.

    Jon Kannegaard, vice president and general manager of the Java platform at Sun Microsystems, Inc.’s Java Software.
  • I have been using your program for about 4-5 days now… and I just wanted to let you know, it’s absolutley brilliant…

    Keep up the good work!

    Bardia Housman, Futurecorp
  • VypressMessager Looks like a pretty good product.

    Larry Yudell, Manager New Technologies, Galey & Lord Industries, Inc.
  • And again: your program is top-notch in its own area, believe me!

    Stefan Assmann, VirtualPortal.net
  • I’m very happy with your service!

    Serge Linneweever, NIKE EHQ EuroSupportdesk
  • VyPress Messenger rules!

    VPM is the only software I’ve installed on my small company’s machines that actually stimulated enthusiastic reactions from my (technologically shy) colleagues.

    It’s the ideal way to convey telephone messages to each other (without those little scraps of paper all over the place), and for general news flashes and reminders to one another.

    “Normal” email still has a role to play in our office, but VPM works in real time. When I’ve got a message to convey to someone who's on the phone, I just send a message with VPM and my co-worker can quickly tell me whether they want to take the second call, or can ignore my message if they’re concentrating on an important call.

    It’s terrific — infinitely better than paging someone or interrupting them (or just guessing what to do!).

    Thanks, from all of us at Abacus Circulation!

    Jon Spencer, Abacus Circulation
  • I jsut wanted to let you all know that I downloaded your product thinking that it was just another POS. well… to tell you the truth… I love it!!… its one of the best messenger programs that I have ever used. I run a LAN in my home and was looking for a good program that I can use to chat with the 5 other computers in my house. See… I have Artheritous (not too shure how to spell that) in my right hip and looking at a total hip replacement so as you can tell… I cant get up all the time. Well… this is a life saver for me to be able to talk to my kids and wife when they are not on my computer but on theres. Each computer has this program on it and I just wanted to let you all know that its a REALLY good program.

    Keep up the good work!

    Steven Reeves
  • We have downloaded an version of your Vypress Messenger, and think it is genius product.

    Rene Hjetting, Digicom Denmark
  • We run Chat 1.5.1 and LOVE IT! Thanks for such a fine, useful product.

    Ted Grube, Certified Legal Video Specialist, Carol Davis Reporting, Records & Video
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