NWSend: send and receive Novell NetWare messages

The NWSend is no longer under development. We have stopped to support this product since January 1st, 2009. We recommend that you check out other software, instead of installing our NWSend. If you want to purchase it no matter what, please, write us.

What’s New in NWSend Version 4.5?

  • The message history viewing/editing dialog is added. Messages in the dialog are sorted by the NDS name of the current user working with NWSend.
  • The algorithm for sending the messages is fully rewritten. Now all messages are sent in separate threads and do not interfere with one’s work.
  • When sending large messages, the sending speed is increased a lot, due to not sending the message to the users, who have failed to accept the first part of the message. Same as before, the messages are sent in parts of 250 bytes maximum in 600 seconds each.
  • User and group lists — the algorithm of retrieving the lists, their display and the user markers are completely changed. Now they support the virtual groups, i.e. the groups anyone can create for himself and work with them as if with the usual groups (stored in the registry).
  • The INI file support is abandoned. Now all the settings are stored in the XML file (...\Application Data\VyPRESS\NWSEND\options.xml).
  • Messages for quick insert are also stored in the XML file (...\Application Data\VyPRESS\NWSEND\options.xml).
  • The information about the number of the loaded and marked users is displayed on the status bar.
  • The information about the number of threads for simultaneous message sending.
  • If the complete list of users was closed on the program exit, only the users from the Favorites and Ignore lists will be loaded on the next launch. It decreases the time for loading the lists in the networks with a large number of users greatly.
  • The window for selecting the current NDS tree is removed — now the users from all of the available trees are loaded. To limit the list of trees, you should turn all of its contexts off in the settings.
  • The option of specifying several contexts to limit loading of the users and groups is added. To do that, in the options there is a special list of contexts permitted for loading (only the checked contexts are loaded).
  • Now the message editor supports numerous Undo and Redo commands; inserting localized text from the clipboard is also supported.
  • Now the toolbars of the main window can be dragged and interchanged. The settings are saved on exit.
  • The option of informing us about a detected bug when the program is running is now available. For that, when the error occurs, there will appear a dialog box with its description and a SEND button for sending it via e-mail.
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