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What’s New in Vypress Messenger 3.1

Enjoy our new Vypress Messenger 3.1! Improved reliability and performance, tuned user interface and resource usage make it even better tool to communicate, chat and collaborate over a network. And Windows XP users will appreciate Vypress Messenger 3.1’s support of new XP features.

Below is a short overview of several most important changes in the latest version.

Completely Rewritten

Follow recent software industry trend we paid special attention to improve internal program architecture, reliability and performance. Our developers sit back to their computers with one major task: make a most reliable, “bugs free” program. As the result, small change in the version number (from 3.0 to 3.1) hides great internal changes — Vypress Messenger 3.1 almost completely rewritten since previous versions. We also do not use the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library that many other developers use (and that was used in previous versions of Vypress Messenger). The MFC library definitely makes things easier for software developers but it doesn’t result in an application optimized with the end user in mind. Along with new architecture and a conscious attempt to steer clear of any development tools that would slow performance, we have also put a lot of thought into the structure of new Vypress Messenger. Every piece of Messenger code was reviewed and optimized if needed. We hope you will feel that new version is running better, faster and troubles-free.

Vypress Messenger 3.1 running in Windows XP

Windows XP Features

  • When running under Windows XP, Vypress Messenger 3.1 operates as a native Windows XP program. There is no need to set compatibility mode.

  • Vypress Messenger includes the following support for Windows XP themes:

    • Menus, buttons, controls, lists, and checklists conform to the current theme.

    • Shaded columns and XP-style sort arrows indicate the column by which the file list is sorted and the sort order.

    • Resizable dialogs use grippers matching the current theme.

    • Baloon tips for unobtrusive users' error indication.

    • All other controls, grippers and dialogs fit latest user interface design requirements.

Localized In Five Languages

Vypress Messenger 3.1 includes interface on five languages! Because this version of the program ships with latest version of the multilanguage COMCTL32.DLL you may experience completely interface localizing even when working in a non-localized version of Windows (however, localized version is recommended). Currently, Vypress Messenger comes with English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and French interfaces.

All this and more from the timesaving, user-friendly environment of Vypress Messenger.

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