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What's New in Vypress Messenger 3.0

Expect to be impressed when you try out our Vypress Messenger 3.0. Many new, innovative, world-first features make it easier than ever to communicate, chat and collaborate over a network.

In addition to helping you message more quickly and easily than ever before, you'll also find that we've simplified the program.

Powerful File Transfers

Version 3.0 includes this important and long-awaited feature: now you can send and receive files using Vypress Messenger. Version 3.0 offers full drag-and-drop support with no file size or destination limits - you can send files to individual recipients, a group of addresses, large broadcasts, or send files to multicast groups and Windows workgroups/domains.

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The file transfer feature works incredibly fast, even when simultaneously sending files to every computer in your network! You can drag and drop practically any file from any location: from Explorer folders, Outlook messages or even "virtual files" from a Microsoft FTP client. Any properly implemented drop source is welcome. This is an exceptionally powerful feature for group collaboration and for network administrators who need to send files to many users at the same time.

Live "Network Neighborhood" Groups

Now you can map "Network Neighborhood" ("My Network Places" in Windows 2000) workgroups and domains directly into Vypress Messenger's Address Book. This allows you to enter complete Address Book details without the need to manually key-in the information. Computers within these mapped groups are monitored in real-time, so you will only see computers that are up and running at the current moment. This feature depends on the reliability of your network browsing feature, but works consistently both in sensitive home networks and in corporate WANs with WINS server installed (you will find it works exceptionally well in corporate WANs).

Resolving Dynamic Addresses

Vypress Messenger 3.0 includes a powerful new feature to support dynamic network addressing for messaging with mobile and roaming users. Messenger can now deliver your messages to the real name of your recipient (in previous versions you needed to know the full IP address of each user you were contacting). You can send messages to e-mail addresses, login names, computer names or nicknames. No longer is there a fixed presence to one computer IP address - welcome to the new world of dynamic networks with Vypress Messenger 3.0!

Improved Address Book

In addition to live "Network Neighborhoods" groups, we also have improved the Address Book itself. It is now based on a standard vCard 3.0 file format and is more robust than ever before. Not only can you save host addresses and nicknames (like in previous versions), but also full user names, e-mail addresses and notes about each user.

More Accessibility

Accessible computers and software programs can make it possible for everyone, including people with varying degrees of disabilities, to use these technologies successfully in work, education, and recreation. Vypress Messenger 3.0 includes several improvements to enable anyone to work with standard corporate instant messaging. Improvements include new Screen Reader compatibly menus and buttons, support for Microsoft Active Accessibility, and redundantly tested high-contrast Windows color schemes and large font modes.

Many countries (including the U.S.) have laws that mandate accessibility at basic levels. Vypress Messenger 3.0 makes compliance easy by providing the highest level of accessibility available in the software industry.

Clickable URLs

Now when you type URLs in messages such as www.vypress.com or file://\\johs\share\admin.doc, recipients will see the link just as it would appear in their web-browser: colored, underlined and clickable! Another useful and long-awaited enhancement from the VyPRESS Research development team.

SMB Send Feature

Vypress Messenger version 2.8 was engineered to receive messages over SMB protocols from Windows 9x WinPopup or the Windows NT Messenger Service. Now Vypress Messenger 3.0 can send SMB messages as well as receive them. Thus with the new version, you can reply to messages from WinPopup users, send messages to Linux (or other Unix) users with Samba, and notify OS/2 users about important events.

All this and more from the timesaving, user-friendly environment of Vypress Messenger.

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