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Vypress Messenger 2.8: Smooth Inter-site Messaging In The Mainstream

The introduction of Vypress Messenger 2.8 provides many new features for our popular instant messaging client, including proxy support, IP-Multicast, an improved interface, and easier usability.

VyPRESS Research recently announced widespread availability of the newest version of its Windows application, Vypress Messenger 2.8. This article describes new and improved features included in Vypress Messenger 2.8.

New Proxy setting dialog

Proxy servers support

One of the major new features in version 2.8 is unprecedented proxy servers support (includes cascading proxy arrays). This new release can work smoothly through SOCKS 4a, SOCKS 5 and HTTPS proxy servers, both for sending and receiving messages.

This new feature allows unbreaking intersite instant messaging with Vypress Messenger. You can use Vypress Messenger in all your offices worldwide and write to anywhere as easy as in your local network. One of the most requested features is now complete implemented.

New addressing scheme

To reflect the new proxy support feature, we changed the address scheme to a new, robust and standard-based URL scheme. The full URL format for the new VIMP (VyPRESS Instant Messaging Protocol) protocol is as follows:

vimp:[//][proxy_address[[:port][#socks4|#socks|#https]]]/[... other proxies ...]/host_address[[:port][#request]]

Here are some examples to follow with the new addressing scheme:

vimp: Sends a message to a computer within your local network that has the address:
vimp:// Sends a message to a computer on the Internet that has the address:
vimp://host4.vypress.com Sends a message to a computer on the Internet that has the address: host4.vypress.com.
vimp:HOST14 Sends a message to a computer with the name HOST14 (WINS server required).
vimp://proxy.corp.com:3128#https/ Sends a message to one computer within a private network, on an HTTPS proxy server called proxy.corp.com. This specified computer has the address:
vimp://proxy.org.com#socks/ALEKSEY Sends a message to one computer within a private network, on a SOCKS5 proxy server (uses default port 1080). This specified computer has the address: ALEKSEY.

Full support for IP-Multicast

New Network settings dialog

IP Multicast is an efficient, standards-based solution with broad industry support. With IP Multicast, applications send one copy of information to a group address, reaching all recipients who want to receive it. Without multicasting, the same information must be either carried over the network many times (one time for each recipient), or broadcast to everyone on the network, consuming unnecessary bandwidth and processing, and/or limiting the number of participants or including unnecessary participants. IP Multicasting involves groups of receivers that participate in multicast sessions: only those receivers in a group actually receive the traffic for that group's session. IP Multicast technology addresses the mechanisms needed at different levels in the network, and sorts the working infrastructure to efficiently handle group communications. Under development since the early 1990's by leading researchers in the industry, IP Multicast is an important advance in IP networking.

Now the new Vypress Messenger 2.8 allows you to use all the power of this advanced network protocol to optimize your network traffic!

Enhanced support for routed and dynamic network environments

The new version 2.8 includes the ability to specify multiple broadcast addresses for the efficient use of all broadcast addresses. Now you can specify directed broadcast addresses for all your sub-networks.

Another new feature is the improved functionality in dynamic network environments using DHCP servers. Now users can specify permanent reply addresses for easy message replies.

Message logging feature

Vypress Messenger 2.8 includes the message-logging feature, which allows users to automatically save all sent and received messages to a specified log file. This is a very useful feature for tracking project timelines and network discussions.

New Address Book dialog

Improved Address Book

The Address Book has been moved from the registry into a unique file structure. We have also introduced the roaming feature.

The Address Book dialog has been dramatically improved. The dialog now has a more clear and useful appearance (we removed the activation/deactivation check-boxes, the dialog is now resizable, and we added context-help).

The performance of the Address Book's general operations has improved overall.

Clearer, easier to use interface

New Interface settings dialog

Vypress Messenger 2.8 includes a multitude of user interface enhancements. New interface dialogs have an Internet Explorer and Windows 2000-like configuration. Now you can specify special behaviors for high priority messages (always a pop-up window, different sound alerts, system modal message boxes, switching automatic incoming message quoting, and so forth).

New icons and pictures in Vypress Messenger now look fantastic in a 16-color mode that enables the use of the program on Windows workstations that utilize standard VGA drivers.

New contact list

Other improvements include a new contact list design that allows users to expand groups and select group members, as well as top-level users. These improvements uncover all the power of customized groups from the Address Book.

Another important feature offered by version 2.8 is context-help for absolutely every dialog in the program. The new context help is highly detailed and enormously useful, and now offers program-wide availability.

The new 2.8 version of VyPRESS Messenger introduces many improvements not covered above; the best way to study them is to download and run the latest version now.

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