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Certification Acceptance Report

Date: 29 July 1998

Congratulations! The product you have submitted to Telefication has passed all of the certification requirements and has been accepted. Your Application is now officially "100% Pure Java"! You will find below specific details concerning all of the tests performed.

Vendor and Product Description:

Product VypressMessenger
Version 2.0
Revision beta 1
Description This is powerful program for direct instant messaging in LAN, intranet or Internet. VypressMessenger is designed for comfortable daily using and complex flexibility. Some of main features: high privacy (don't use third-party servers), cool and useful user interface, Address Book, AutoAnswer, and more...

Vendor Supported Platforms:

No limitations or supported platforms listed.

Application certification was based on JDK 1.1 and tested on the following platforms:

Verification Package Audit

The Verification Package was received in good order with the correct content and directory structure.

Static Test Verification - JavaPureCheck

Overall analysis - Pure with acceptable Warnings.

Installation of Software on Reference Platforms

Solaris 2.6 - Installation was performed successfully.
IBM AIX 4.2 - Installation was performed successfully.
Windows 95 - Installation was performed successfully.

Install Check

The program functioned as outlined in the submitted documentation on each of the reference platforms noted above.

Java Program Execution

Manual test instructions were provided and the program functioned as outlined in the submitted documentation on each of the tested reference platforms.

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