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Vypress Messenger for JavaTM

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Getting Started

This section describes how to start Vypress Messenger for Java for the first time. To start the program, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest version of Vypress Messenger for Java (click here to open a new window with the Download Center page)

  2. Download and install latest Java 2 (see link on above page).

  3. Extract all files from the Vypress Messenger for JavaTM archive to disk.

  4. Open your system console (MS-DOS Prompt or Command-line prompt in Windows).

  5. Change the listed folder to the folder where you installed Vypress Messenger. (For example: cd \apps\VMJava)

  6. Create messages directory: mkdir messages

  7. In the console, type:
    java VyMess
    In UNIX you can type the following command to start the "detached from console" process:
    java VyMess &

Tails Up and Tails Down

Tails Up:

  • Vypress Messenger for JavaTM is FREEWARE - you can always use this program free of charge!

  • Works anywhere with Java 2 - it works in any OS that has Java Virtual Machine installed.

  • Cool high-color interface - Vypress Messenger for JavaTM uses rich, 256-color toolbar buttons, preferences tabs, menus with icons and other "fashion" interface elements!

  • True, OS-independent intranet and Internet communication - Vypress Messenger for JavaTM is fully compatible with Vypress Messenger for Windows. This program uses TCP/IP protocol and allows you to communicate trough ANY TCP/IP based network or Internet.

Tails Down:

  • Very slow JavaTM performance - use Vypress Messenger for JavaTM only if you can't find the "native" version!

  • Bugs! JDK and JFC tend to be a "bug collectors."
  • You need additional software - Vypress Messenger for JavaTM won't work without Java 2 platform (or later).
  • This is a "light" version - Vypress Messenger for JavaTM doesn't match up to the features found in Vypress Messenger for Windows. Some features missed in the Java-version include:
    • Advanced Address Book - the JavaTM version has only a basic contact list
    • Message Filtering - in the JavaTM version, it's not possible to ignore messages from selected users or with certain words
    • No e-mail notification - many Unix systems have built-in tools for this task
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