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Our products are licensing on per "running copy" basis, not per network, per site or per company (except an unlimited license that is per company). If you are interested in an unlimited license, please contact our sales staff: sales@vypress.com

Number of licenses Product price per running copy
messenger Messenger auvis Auvis chat Chat nwsend NWSend1
From 1 to 49 $19.90 US $9.00 US $19.00 US $10.00 US
From 50 to 99 $14.00 US $6.00 US $12.00 US $7.50 US
From 100 to 999 $9.50 US $4.50 US $8.00 US $5.00 US
Over 1000 $4.90 US $2.20 US $1900.00
Unlimited $8000.002 $6000.00

1The NWSend is a discontinued product.
2Includes an unlimited license for Vypress Auvis software.

Vypress Tonecast Licensing

Vypress Tonecast is licensing on per listener (receiver) base. To run a broadcasting you should purchase server license that will cover all listeners (no matter what software it running - standard Tonecast Receiver or a WinAMP plug-in).

Number of listeners Price per package
Up to 50 $49.90 US
Up to 100 $144.90 US
Up to 250 $249.90 US
Unlimited $449.90 US
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